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Hemani Eucalyptus Essential Oil -30ml



Eucalyptus oil is a powerful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, helps with rheumatic and neural pains (in the form of rubbing and compresses). Using eucalyptus oil for inhalation, you will cope much faster with bronchitis, sore throat, rhinitis, tonsillitis and other diseases.

It is used for burns, frostbite. Accelerates tissue regeneration. Eliminates inflammation, fights bacteria. It supports the elimination of blackheads, pimples, tightens enlarged pores.

Effective in diseases of the kidneys and bladder. Eucalyptus oil is used for colds, as well as jako remedy for headaches. It stimulates the work of the brain, helps with long-term mental stress. It is actively used in aromatherapy both in its pure form and with other essential oils.


Eucalyptus oil.


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